Nationwide Fibre Internet

TM unifi has the widest internet service coverage in Malaysia. Available in almost every city in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Be one of the 2 millions unifi subscribers.

Enjoy FREE 30 days with every new or Streamyx upgrade to home unifi plan.

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Why should we go for fibre internet?


Fast and Speedy

TM Unifi offers the speed from 30Mbps up to 800Mbps versus up to only 8Mbps for Streamyx.



Fibre internet connection is more stable due to it low lost and its superior reliability.


Suitable for everyone

Depending on speed, it is suitable for normal internet browsing, work from home and gaming.

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Our Expertise

Why Choose Us?

Here are our four strong points that you could consider choosing us as agent for your unifi registration .

#1. 4 Years Experience.

We have been in this industry for about 4 years and relatively understand customers’ needs. Just let us know your needs and we will advise you accordingly.

#2. Keeps our customers the latest updates.

We keep you update with the most recent status of your internet subscription application all the way from unifi coverage until installation date confirmation.

#3. We are transparent.

Agent for the big TM authorized internet service reseller in Malaysia. You can see our name, phone number and business address just in case you need to verify.

#4. Our unifi registration support is nationwide.

No matter where you are, Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak or even overseas, you can always reach us if you want to register unifi in Malaysia.

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