How to Sum in Excel

Is It Really A Microsoft Excel Application

As we know Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application program that helps us achieve goals such as calculations from the simplest to the most complex such as bank interest rate calculations, creating calendars and tables, calculating dates and statistical analysis.

For example, we have student attendance data or employee attendance data and by using Microsoft Excel, it is very easy to calculate the number of days of student attendance without having to count 1,2,3 and so on.

Use of Microsoft Excel

Ever since primary school, we have been familiar with calculations such as addition, subtraction, times and division. For those who love math, they just have to congak in their heads and continue to get answers, even some of us who calculate beyond the speed of a calculator.

However, to make life easier we can use the Microsoft Excel application . For example, we can calculate the total purchase of daily goods and in turn can easily add up the monthly and annual expenses .

For anyone who likes to analyze data using Microsoft Excel, Excel formulas and functions can help you present information in a more understandable form while saving time.

Well, this time I will briefly explain how we can use Excel tables for basic calculations for addition, subtraction, times and division. It is very easy and each of us is able to learn without much challenge. Do not believe? Can try it yourself.

Remember! You are also able to run and apply Microsoft Excel in daily life, business and anything else that requires basic calculations like this. Once you are proficient, you can use Excel by using more in-depth functions for complex calculations. We will study the subject for my next posts.

Are you ready? Let’s look at that in more detail.

How to Sum in Excel

There are several ways to sum in Microsoft Excel . First just use the + sign to mix the values ​​in each cell. The second way is to use the SUM formula where it is more widely used to calculate the sum for Excel cells that exceed two cells. Keep in mind that increments in Excel are for numbers, dates and days only. A count against will give a #VALUE! .

Sum in Excel using the +sign.

Please see the formula in column F and row 3 or more easily called cell F3. I just enter = B3+C3+D3+E3 in cell F3 and just press the ENTER button on the keyboard to total the sales revenue for the date from 1/9 to 4/9/2021. Each formula or formula MUST begin with an = or +sign. Otherwise, Microsoft will consider the number entered to be text and not a number that has a value.

Important Note
For any calculation, Excel formula or function that requires Excel to calculate, find, etc. requires an = or + sign at the beginning. Subtraction, multiplication and division also require the = or + sign to be placed in front.

How to sum in Excel using plus signs

After pressing Enter is to give the sum of 550 for the sum of 100+150+250+50.

How to sum in Excel using plus signs

For the 4th row and so on, you just need to click without releasing the mouse on the corner end of cell F3. Make sure there is a + sign when clicking without releasing the mouse. Then drag down to copy to the next row. Release the mouse at the end destination of the cell. Please watch the video below for easy understanding.

Sum in Excel using the SUM function

Using the same Excel table, I want to explain how to add numbers in Excel using the SUM formula . All you have to do is enter = sum (click and hold the mouse and select the cells whose numbers you want to sum) and then press the ENTER button on the keyboard. It does not matter if the closing parenthesis is not included because Microsoft Excel will insert it automatically. Cu

How to sum in Excel using the SUM formula

Apart from how to enter the +sign, the = sum sign () also uses the AutoSum (Sigma) menu found on the Microsoft Excel Home tab. This technique is very simple because you only need to press the ENTER button on the keyboard to get the amount. Very easy.

How to sum in Excel using the SUM formula

The same method is used to copy the formula formula from cell F3 to F5. All you have to do is click without releasing the mouse on the far end of cell F3 (make sure there is a +sign) and drag down to copy to the next row. Release the mouse at the end destination of the cell.

How to sum dates in Excel

How to add dates in Excel is no different than adding numbers. For example we want to know the date of the next 2 days. In the example below, I just put a plus sign of cells A2 and B2, Excel automatically recognizes the date format because cell A2 is in date format.

How to sum dates in Excel using the SUM formula

After pressing the ENTER button on the keyboard, cell C3 gives the correct answer where 6/9/2021 is 2 days after 4/9/2021. For us to know the date of the next 100 days, just enter the number of days in the appropriate column.

In the example below the next 100 days date after 4/9/2021 is 13/12/2021. Very easy isn’t it? We don’t need to look at the calendar to count the days.

How to sum in Excel using the SUM formula


Microsoft Excel is one of the components in Microsoft Office applications. It is very easy to use and anyone can afford to use it as long as they have the basics of using a computer.

It helps you save time for personal affairs or for your business use. That is why we can see there are two versions of Microsoft Office Home and Student, Microsoft Office Home Business, Office 365 and Office Professional.

So far only for this time. Enjoy you Excel.